CKP Snow Removal Flyer | Print Design


Snow removal, anyone? Fresh new flyers for Central Kentucky Properties snow removal service! These flyers were used to promote their service at various events such as Chamber of Commerce luncheons, door-to-door visits, and more. The print design includes high-quality vector art and HD images provide this flyer [...]

2021 RDPC Annual Report | Print Design


Quality print design is key in annual reporting. This print design for the 2021 RDPC Annual Report is a multi-page magazine-style document that highlights the year's success in delivering relevant, all-hazards training to our nation's small, rural, and tribal emergency responders. A powerful combination of Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop was utilized [...]

Freedom Unfurled Print Design


Freedom Unfurled is an article and graphic developed for The Center for Rural Development. The Center had a very large US Flag donated to them that had been flown on a US Navy ship during September 11th, 2001. The article detailed the history of events aboard the Navy ship during the tragic [...]

RDPC Report Square

Performance Report Print Design


Custom annual reports and performance reports are excellent ways to professionally communicate the message of your brand or mission. I have the unique privilege of providing design services for The Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium (RDPC), which is a first responder training initiative through FEMA and the US Department of Homeland Security. This project combined [...]

Bind Us Together Shirt Square

Bind Us Together Logo Design


Logo and t-shirt design for a special adoption fundraiser! The logo design is simple and clean, effectively communicating the message of and mission behind the adoption. Not only can the logo be used on t-shirts, but it can also be used in a variety of marketing efforts! [...]

Door Hangar

CKP Door Hanger Print Design


Door hanger print design for Central Kentucky Properties. This project comes with a handy QR code that enables potential clients to get in touch using their smartphone cameras. A quick and simple solution! The door hangar design is useful for door-to-door marketing initiatives. A door hangar gives [...]

AA Square

Billboard Design for A&A Auto


A simple, clean billboard design for A and A Auto Sales. The client was clear on what he wanted regarding color, simplicity, and phrasing. The client also received a second billboard design similar to this one, but with different phrasing. Visit their website here.  Following the design [...]

SK8TERS Square

SK8TERS Paradise Flyer Design


Flyer design for a FUN place! I've created dozens of flyers for SK8TER'S Paradise in Somerset, KY. They've always got something fun going on that needs a custom flyer design. Additionally, I've created dozens of flyers for their sister skating rink in Panama City Beach, Florida. Dozens [...]

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